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Beyond fitness pants, designed by Suzy Toldi

Suzy Toldi does not base the creation of clothes on the current fashion, but on the past of great training. Before launching her own designed and manufactured fitness clothing brand, Beyond by ST, she tested a lot of different material types and styles. In the case of Beyond fitness pants, this is no different, as the unique design is not enough! The materials must be durable, flexible and fluff-free enough to be able to be worn for years. All this without fading the color, letting go of the seam or thinning, stretching the fabric.
Beyond fitness pants make the selection more colorful with a constantly expanding product range and special tailoring. We can even understand this literally, as Suzy not only focuses on basic, well-proven earth tones when buying materials, but also tries to make the product palette as colorful as possible. Just to name a few beautiful colors: fuchsia, neon yellow, blue, purple.

Beyond fitness pants, set is an even better choice!

Suzy Toldi makes almost all Beyond fitness pants in such a way that you can find the most suitable fitness top, sports bra and cardigan.
In the product description you will find the name of the product that perfectly fits the specific Beyond fitness pants, and we have also created a category of fitness sets to make the choice even easier!

Beyond fitness pants with digital pressure

One of our most special collections was made by Suzy Toldi from a very good-lasting, velcro-proof matte material with a digitally printed pattern. These collections were named AFRICA, TATTOO, GREY ROSES, RED ALLIGATOR and MINERALS, after their pattern. Not only Beyond fitness pants, but also sports bras and, in some collections, fitness tank tops, shorts are available from these types.

It is guaranteed that the pattern will not wear out after years!


Beyond fitness pants in different styles

You can find Beyond fitness pants in different categories by style: high-waisted design, hipster or leisure pants. If you are definitely looking for just one type of style, it will be easier for you to find the most suitable piece for you.
You might want to look through the Beyond fitness pants categories to find the pants that are most special to you, or even a fitness set!