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Womens turtleneck long-sleeve bodysuit for everyday use

A womens turtleneck long-sleeve bodysuit is feminine, pretty enough to wear, so of course it could not be left out of our product range. We love it mostly because it highlights the lines of our body, yet shows little.
The most advantageous feature of the womens turtleneck long-sleeve bodysuit is that it fits perfectly to the body, does not wrinkle, thus ensuring a feeling of comfort. Suzy Toldi chose a silky-feeling, thin material for the Beyond PARIS womens turtleneck long-sleeve bodysuit to take out of your wardrobe at any time of the year. It is super-ventilated and very comfortable to wear thanks to the flexibility of the lycra material.

Simple yet special to wear, the womens turtleneck long-sleeve bodysuit

Many womens turtleneck bodysuits are uncomfortable because the turtleneck part is made too tight, so Suzy Toldi paid special attention to the Beyond womens turtleneck long-sleeve bodysuit neckline.
The womens turtleneck long-sleeve bodysuit looks good with jeans, high-waisted pants, or even a skirt. It is especially characteristic of single-color, basic style bodysuits that it fits in even for looser, sportier and more elegant style wear.
Beyond PARIS womens turtleneck long-sleeve bodysuit is available in several colors and sizes. Most people will choose our KARMA black high waisted fitness pants, DETROIT grey denim high waisted fitness pants or CAYMAN black high waisted fitness pants. These pants can provide a comfortable feeling and a good look not only in workouts, but also in everyday life, as what is sure to be in every womens wardrobe is the black leggings, which can be a perfect match for almost any set. Which pairing would you choose for yourself?

Did you know?

In addition to the womens turtleneck long-sleeve bodysuit, our products also include a sleeveless bodysuit, which Suzy Toldi designed with lining that gives your breasts support, lace up style. Available in several colors, which one would you choose?

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