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What does crop top mean?

In the crop top, word “crop” suggests that it is a shorter style of outerwear that does not completely cover the belly and waist. In essence, the crop top can be a long or short-sleeved top, even a short cardigan / sweater or a sleeveless top.


What is the difference between a crop top and a sports bra?

The main difference between a sports bra and a crop top is that sports bras are usually outerwear that covers and holds the breasts, which can mean a high degree of comfort, especially during sports activities. It is mostly made of dry-fit material, thus ensuring a dry feeling.
In contrast, a crop top can be an excellent choice not only for sportswear but also for street wear. The length of the crop tops varies, but the belly is always free. It can be a perfect choice for everyday life on warm summer days. If you do not like such short crop tops that look like your abs, then choose a high waist pants and you are done with the set!

How do you throw up your set with a crop top? We help!

Beyond womens crop tops come in different colors, sizes and types:

  • Crop top with a sponge insert, under which you do not have to put on a bra either! The latest Beyond BEAT crop top and Beyond BASE crop top are also available in black and white.
  • Double-stitched and medium-thickness crop top, which can also be worn without a bra, as it is not transparent and is also super comfortable to wear. One of our favorites is the Beyond LOOK GOOD NAKED short womens crop top, which can be wear reversible!
  • Among our crop tops you will also find nicer style tops, which are mostly made with an open or lace back and are also suitable for sports activities and street wear.
  • You will also find our longsleeved crop tops and short cardigans in this product category, which can be a super addition to a sportier set.

Our popular crop tops look great with hip and high-waist fitness pants, or even a pair of denim pants. Take a look at our ever-expanding product range and choose your favorite piece!