Longsleeves shirts

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Womens longsleeve fitness top in crop top style

The crop top is not necessarily a short-sleeved or sleeveless short top, because is also available in a longsleeve design too. The essence of a short, female long-sleeved fitness top is to leave the waist and abs free. It can be a particularly good choice for training, whether it is a high waisted fitness pants, hip or normal waist fitness pants.
Womens longsleeve fitness tops are made of thinner material and a finger hole for your hand.

Womens longsleeve fitness top with a special solution

Womens longsleeve fitness tops are usually tossed with a cutout on the neckline, possibly with a small fishnet insert, a V-neckline, or a more special neckline highlight cutout.
This time Suzy Toldi made a slightly more curvy opened back, which it named Beyond FLAWLESS longsleeve. Available in a limited number of three different colors. A really special wear, for which our Beyond FUERTE sports bra is a perfect match!
The biggest advantage of womens longsleeve fitness tops at the back is that they are super-ventilated in the gym on a cooler day.

Simple womens longsleeve fitness top for everyday use

In addition to the womens longsleeve fitness tops with a short, crop style and opened back, Suzy Told also created a V-neckline with a leather insert and a turtleneck body so that everyone can find the perfect piece for her.

Whether you want to buy a womens longsleeve fitness top for training or everyday life, you can choose from several special designs with us!