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Choose a womens cardigan for your workouts!

It is not an easy task to choose the right womens sportswear, as it is not enough to look good in a given garment, other aspects must be taken into account. In this case, we will help you choose the womens cardigan, which you can also wear for your workouts on cooler days!
Comfort is a primary consideration, so it is worth checking to see if the womens cardigan you purchase is flexible enough, dry-fit material and fit your body.
When choosing the materials, Suzy Toldi always makes sure that they meet the above-mentioned criteria, so Beyond womens sportswear guarantees comfort, so that you really only have to focus on training!

Our eternal favorite womens cardigan

Our real big favorite, if you like, our best-selling womens cardigan was named Beyond NEVER LOOK BACK, from the inscription on the back of the cardigan. The special features of this womens cardigan are the elasticated fishnet front and back inserts and the slim fit style. A real girly piece that is available in several colors and sizes. In purple, Suzy made this womens cardigan style from a slightly warmer, premium quality material, so we recommend it for colder days.
Speaking of premium material, I should also mention a limited edition womens cardigan that was named TIGER. The interesting thing about our TIGER womens cardigan is the zipper with the rose gold Beyond logo, the sloping zipper and the tiger pattern embroidered on the back. He became a huge favorite, have you seen it yet?

How does a womens body shaping cardigan help?

Hearing the word shaping, almost everyone thinks that a particular product will help with weight loss and shaping. NO! It is an optical effect that, with its proper design, perfectly highlights where it needs to be, as well as presses where it is needed. The Beyond body-shaping womens cardigan is also made on this principle, which is made with a slim fit, specifically body-fitting design.
It should be roughly imagined as if the cardigan is a few centimeters narrower than its own size, thus achieving a shaping effect. Of course, it is made of a flexible, comfortable material, so it does not squeeze at all, it just looks more optically advantageous.

TIP: If you do not want your bod​y-shaping womens cardigan to look narrower, you might want to choose a size larger one!