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Sports bra for the perfect posture

The function of sports bras is much more complex than you might think! When compared to a normal bra, the first difference we notice is that it is much more comfortable to wear a sports bra, as they do not have a stiffening and much more flexible material, mostly made with dry-fit technology, for faster drying.

For different sports, a sports bra with different postures is the ideal choice, as a medium or strong sports bra is not necessary for yoga, a lighter posture is enough. However, the same cannot be said for a gym workout, strength and endurance sports activities. That is why Beyond sports bras are made of medium-lasting material to hold their place in almost any sport!

Pay attention to this when choosing the size of the sports bra!

For each of our products, in addition to the size chart, we also indicate how many centimeters high, how many kilograms and what size the model in the given picture wears, thus helping you to choose the right size. In the case of sports bras, we also indicate which basket size and sub-breast size we recommend. Our Beyond by ST products are European-sized, but there are materials and sewing techniques that are less or, on the contrary, very flexible. This is always indicated in the product description!

Our Beyond sports bras are mostly made with a removable push up sponge insert, so you can choose the most suitable piece for you, regardless of breast size. Take a look at the sports bras of different sizes, colors and shapes and choose the one you like!

TIP: Most of our products are made in sets, so it is worth checking out the other product categories as well!

Why is a push up sports bra a good choice?

Given the function of a sports bra, it is important that you hold it properly and do not have to wear a separate bra while wearing the sports bra. A push up sports bra is the solution to this! Our sports bras have a removable sponge insert, so you can decide whether you want to wear it with or without a push up sponge.

When designing sports bras without a sponge insert, Suzy Toldi also pays attention to the fact that it is made of patterned, possibly double-stitched, strong-holding material. This way, you do not have to worry about the sports bra you choose being less durable or transparent.

Our Beyond by ST sports bras can be comfortable to wear not only during sports, but also in everyday life, as an accessory to a sportier set.

Take a look at our webshop and receive your package the next day! No more excuses, are you ready?