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Why a fitness jumpsuits are a great choice?

Our set for the next day is usually determined by knowing in advance where and for what purpose we are going. For example, in terms of work, we may choose to dress comfortably or elegantly, according to our particular job. It is no different with training equipment and clothing for sports. The primary consideration is always to make the particular sportswear comfortable for us, and what would be more comfortable than a fitness jumpsuit!
In the case of a fitness jumpsuit, you do not have to think much about how to pair it, and it is also very easy and quick to pick up. The design of Beyond fitness jumpsuits is especially comfortable, so you are guaranteed to feel confident in it!
Jumpsuits are a particularly good choice for some workouts (example: leg workouts, back workouts), as the most annoying thing about squatting or pull-up exercises is when you have to pull your pants or top all the time to stand up properly

Do not let it distract you, choose one of your fitness jumpsuits and you are guaranteed to just focus on your workout!

How are Beyond fitness jumpsuits sized?

Our fitness jumpsuits are scaled so you can easily choose the right one for you. For all our fitness jumpsuits you will find the data of the model shown in the picture in the product description.

Fitness jumpsuits for everyday life as well!

Beyond MIAMI fitness jumpsuits, Suzy Toldi made it specifically for street wear. The combination of velvet and imitation leather is really feminine, so with high-heeled shoes it also stands out as an elegant jumpsuit. At the same time, thanks to its hood and style, this fitness jumpsuit with a sports shoe also looks super sporty.